Are You Entitled To Tax Relief In Huntsville AL Find Out By Hiring Us

Are You Entitled to Tax Relief in Huntsville, AL? Find Out By Hiring Us

Tax is part of your financial life, and handling all your tax-related issues yourself requires tremendous effort to do it right. Although the tax is part of your normal recurring expenses and you adjust your finances accordingly, it sometimes becomes difficult to handle these normal tax payments in Huntsville, AL.

Coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example of such circumstances. The global slowdown and work from home policy caused by covid-19 pushed the majority of individuals to adjust to the new lifestyle. Part of this new lifestyle meant that you need to find ways to handle tax payments, or else you will be looking at piling tax debt. 

One of the most effective ways to handle taxes during such times is to find the help you need. Here is how we can help you reduce your tax bill in Yellowhammer state. 

Types Of Tax Reliefs You Are Entitled To In Huntsville, AL

We will discuss in detail what types of tax reliefs you are entitled to as a business entity in Huntsville, AL. 

  • Federal Income Tax Deduction: Several constitutional restrictions save Alabama State corporate. This allows the taxpayers in Alabama state to deduct the federal income tax accrued or paid from their gross pay. This creates a significant impact on their final tax bill.

  • Net Loss (Operating) Carry Forward: First year’s operating loss for businesses in Alabama are protected by carry forward rule. The first year’s loss can be carried forward, and this can be done for 15 consecutive years. 

  • Full Employment Act Tax Credit: to encourage new employment, businesses with less than or equal to fifty employees may receive a one-time income tax credit for a year new job created that pays more than $10 per hour to new employees.

  • Heroes for Hire: By now, you have got a pretty good idea of how Alabama State takes care of businesses and their unemployed, especially when it comes to the unemployed veterans. The tax credit is the same as the full employment tax credit is offered to businesses for hiring an unemployed veteran on a full-time job. If the start-up has at least 50% ownership by a veteran, the business will be allowed a one-time $2,000 tax credit. 

  • Capital Investment Tax Credit: We discussed the Yellowhammer state taking care of its unemployed and veterans; however, it is not that they neglect the businesses in this regard. The capital investment program allows new and expanding companies a tax credit of up to 5 percent of the initial capital cost for qualifying projects. The credit is available for 20 years. The qualifying business activities for this credit include a wide number of industries or sectors. Some of the most prominent of those business activities include (but not limited to) Industrial, Warehousing, Research Activity, merchant wholesalers, space research, coal mining, logging, etc.

  • New Market Tax Credit:  A tax credit is allowed to  entities that provide funding to qualified low-income communities ( like a central business district in Alabama)

  • Made in Alabama Jobs Incentives: Qualifying companies taking part in the local construction process may receive a transferable income tax credit to offset import tariff costs. 

The above mentioned are some most mentionable tax credits or reliefs offered to businesses in Alabama that you may never know without a professional advisor

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