How Are Lawsuit Settlements Taxed in Missoula, MT

How Are Lawsuit Settlements Taxed in Missoula, MT?

Every case is unique, but generally speaking, settlements are taxed by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, or IRS, according to the reason of a claim which gave rise to the payment-also known as the “origin of the claim”. Laws vary as to what type of settlement proceeds are subject to a settlement tax. The fact of each situation controls whether a tax may apply.

In the US, for example, income is taxable unless the law provides a specific exemption. An exemption means that the law excludes it from being taxed. Money received in a settlement is subject to a settlement tax unless a specific exemption exists. Consequently, it is necessary to determine how the government classifies settlement proceeds. 

Money received in a settlement for physical injuries or sickness is not subject to settlement tax in the US.
Generally, all other settlements proceeds you receive are subject to a tax; this includes, 

  • Punitive damages,

  • Compensation for lost wages,

  • Interest on the settlement itself,

  • Lost profits,

  • Money received from emotional distress,

  • Damages for breach of contract and any other damages not specifically exempted.

Payback of certain types is not subject to the tax. However, a person should consult with a qualified lawyer or tax professional in his own jurisdiction to check whether settlements proceeds they would receive are subject to a settlement tax because each situation is fact-dependent and laws constantly change.

A settlement tax may also apply to settlement proceeds used to pay an attorney. The law, however, allows an individual to claim a deduction for the amounts paid for legal services. Expenses or costs to pursue a lawsuit may also be deductible; for instance, a fee paid to a private investigator to gather information for the lawsuit may be deductible.

People might argue why the lawsuit settlements are subjected to tax, as they are fighting for their money and are not earning it per se. The issue of concern for the government is why a person is receiving settlement proceeds. It is not how a person spends such proceeds. 

How Parties Settle Lawsuits in Missoula, MT

When parties settle a lawsuit, they may attempt to classify proceeds in a manner to minimize or avoid a settlement tax. For example, since a settlement tax applies to opportunity damages, the parties may classify these damages in another way to avoid the tax. The government, however, is not obligated to honor the terms of their settlement agreement. Indeed, the government may look at the circumstances of the situation and relocate the proceeds, which means it can tax the money despite original settlements. In addition to charging tax on the settlement, the IRS may also put a penalty for concealing the true nature of the proceeds. This makes it vital to consult a tax professional to avoid penalties.

To sum it up, most damages that compensate you for a loss are not taxable, but if you have some damages above and beyond what you lost, such as punitive damages, those would be taxable. 

This is because the money received through the lawsuit, other than the loss, is principally some sort of income that the taxpayer did not receive, so they approached the court. This doesn’t change the nature of the money, i.e. income.

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