How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me in Negotiating with IRS in Fort Smith AR

How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me in Negotiating with IRS in Fort Smith, AR?

Taxes are an important part of your financial life. Every citizen needs to gain ample knowledge about the tax system and individual taxes to manage taxes in a better way. However, even the best of us can face difficulty with our taxes due to any number of reasons. Whenever you face problems that involve the IRS and taxes, keep in mind that the best solution to such problems lies in productive negotiations with the IRS. The earlier you contact the IRS to solve the problem at hand, the better are your chances to get yourself a good deal. 

Although the IRS encourages taxpayers to initiate contact voluntarily and as early as possible. Contrary to popular belief, contacting the IRS yourself may get you a better deal. In order to get a good deal from the IRS, negotiations play a vital role. If you think your negotiation skill won’t help you much, you can always hire a tax attorney to negotiate the deal you seek.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help You Negotiate With the IRS in Fort Smith, AR?

Following are the ways a tax attorney can help you negotiate with IRS;

  • Control over the Negotiations: when your tax consultant negotiates with the IRS, both you and IRS know that your returns are in the exact form as you want and that your attorney has all the knowledge about the tax rules. This provides you, as a taxpayer, a great feeling of being in control. 
  • Act on Time: It is true that the solution to problems related to taxes lies in negotiation, but the negotiations must be started at the right time. You need to give the IRS a false sense of desperation neither you want to delay the negotiation process.  A professional tax consultant knows when to contact the IRS for negotiation with the help of experience gathered over the years handling negotiations for their clientele. 
  • Abatement of Penalties and Fines: You may not know this, but there are circumstances when the IRS reduces or waive off penalties and fines. The key to this also lies in providing the right documents as proof and negotiating with the IRS to convince that you had the reasonable cause for failure to comply.
  • Bargaining Time: Sometimes, you think that you can pay off all the back taxes, but you just require some extra time to gather up funds and take care of important expenses. Tax consultants keep many tricks under their hat to get you the extension in time from the IRS.
  • Installment Agreement: If you are in a somewhat difficult financial situation that you are not bankrupt but also cannot meet your expense, and on top of it, the unpaid taxes haunt you. A good tax consultant can easily negotiate an installment plan for payment of all back taxes in easy 72 monthly installments.
  • Offer in Compromise: An offer in a compromise deal can be the best deal a tax consultant can seal for you, although the chances of this are not high. IRS can accept a much lesser amount as full settlement of tax amount. A good consultant can make the IRS believe that doing this will be beneficial for the IRS. 

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