How to Find the Best Tax Attorney in Tucson AZ

How to Find the Best Tax Attorney in Tucson, AZ?

A tax attorney can be hired to remove the tax-related problems. A tax attorney, or commonly known as a tax consultant, is a qualified professional who can care for all tax-related problems in Tucson, AZ.  However, the actual performance of the tax attorneys almost always varies in actual performance. 

Some tax attorneys can provide value-added services like investment advice etc. On the other hand, some consultants may fail to meet even the basic performance criteria despite having professional certification and experience. This has nothing to do with the market or job description. 

You need to look for a well-trained, experienced tax attorney, and with the tips and tricks you will learn from this article, you will find the best professionals every time. 

Tips to Find the Best Tax Attorney in Tucson, AZ

Here is the list of tips and tricks to keep in mind while hiring a tax consultant. 

  • Qualifications: the minimum qualification for a tax consultant is to have a license to practice. Although the minimum requirement to get a license is not too high in most states, the tax consultants usually tend to achieve higher qualifications to gain better skills and get ahead of the competition. You will find many tax attorneys with masters in law degrees along with many certificates and licenses such as financial consultant etc. So whenever you hire a tax consultant, don’t make any decision in haste and find the best-qualified person to handle your taxes.
  • Right Person for Right Job: Although all tax attorneys acquire some sort of degree and certificate, not every skill set can solve every problem. You may hire a top corporate tax consultant, but he will not be able to handle your individual tax returns, and you may end up paying a heavy amount for nothing. We recommend that you check whether the skill set of the tax consultant you are hiring suits your needs or not.
  • IRS Directory: IRS maintains a directory for Preparer tax identification number or PTIN along with their details such as designations and certifications. This directory isn’t indicative of a tax consultant’s good performance, but you must check the directory before finalizing the hiring process so that you can be assured of your selection. 
  • Ask around: Now, this may not be the best trick in the hiring process, but friends, family, and professional contacts can sometimes provide you some of the best professionals. Tax attorneys’ services are examined continuously by their clients, and a satisfied client can give you a good recommendation. 
  • Check Communication Skill: Communication skills matter in tax filing and payment procedures. The basic job of a tax attorney is to file tax returns and calculate the exact tax amount that you are liable to pay. However, there are circumstances when communication with the IRS is needed. A tax consultant with good communication and negotiation skills can help you resolve any issues with the IRS or strike a better deal with the IRS.
  • Be Vary of Sale tactics: Some attorneys use sales gimmicks to attract more clients. The sales professionals are skilled in selling ordinary products as lucrative ones. You need to be aware of any such tactics and rely on your own hiring skills for his purpose.

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