How to Appeal a Federal Tax Lien in Boise ID

How to Appeal a Federal Tax Lien in Boise, ID?

If you are not careful with your finances and forget or neglect to pay your taxes on time, the IRS will lay a claim on your property and place a lien on your property until you pay off the Unpaid Taxes. The Federal tax lien is not the seizure of your property; it is rather a temporary claim by the IRS on your property during which you can’t sell or refinance your property.

Boise, Idaho, is arguably one of the best cities in the US to live in. Every year, Boise ranks in various top 10 lists. The city offers one of the best lifestyles in the whole country. That is why the cost of living is also slightly higher than the state’s average. If we put housing into the equation, the cost of living in Boise, ID, goes even higher than the national average but other than housing, the city offers a pretty affordable luxury lifestyle. The higher cost of living can leave your finances in a mess that you sometimes may face difficulty managing your expenses. 

IRS is the federal institution that can enforce its authority to recover what taxpayers owe to the IRS. One of the most tested and used methods used by the IRS to recover Unpaid Taxes is the federal tax lien.

Now, if you really forgot to pay taxes within due time, there is no way you walk without some sort of penalty in addition to the original tax amount. But if you think that you pay your taxes on time and the IRS made a mistake by placing your property under lien, don’t let them get all over you. 

How to Appeal the Federal Tax Lien in Boise, ID?

You can always appeal the IRS tax collection tool if you think the IRS act is erroneous. If your case fulfill one following conditions, you may appeal the federal tax lien;

  1. The tax liability was already satisfied before the IRS filed a lien on the property.

  2. The Bankruptcy Core or Notice of Deficiency Procedures was violated while assessing the tax liability.

  3. The limitation period for collecting the tax liability was already expired prior to the filling of the lien.

Appealing the federal tax lien doesn’t mean that the lien will remove automatically. The IRS may withdraw the tax lien on your property in the following cases;

  • The IRS concludes that the filing of the lien was noticed prematurely or it was not according to administrative procedures.

  • Both the parties agree to settle or satisfy the tax liability in full. The parties, in this case, are the IRS and you (the taxpayer).

  • The IRS thinks that withdrawal of lien will lead to an earlier collection of tax liability. 

  • The withdrawal will be in the best interest of all the parties involved.

One of the most important suggestions with respect to tax is that don’t ever run away from the IRS. Always try to find a way out from within the system. 

If someone suggests you not paying taxes and suggests something unlawful to cover your tracks, just remember that this could lead to prison. There are a lot of ways within the IRS laws that allow taxpayers to get tax breaks, tax deductions, tax holidays, and much more. 

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