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How to Choose the Best IRS Tax Relief Attorney in Marina Del Rey, California?

Got a tax problem? Are you planning to hire a tax relief attorney in order to get some sort of relief from the IRS? Well, you need to know a few simple but important things before you decide to actually hire a tax relief attorney in Marina Del Rey, California, or other parts of the States. 

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of tax lawyers and consultants who claim to have the magic ability to minimize or even eliminate your tax liability, but only a handful of them can provide you the right help. It is because of the fact that while many attorneys and consultants can do your taxes, not all of them are expert in dealing matters pertaining to tax relief with the IRS. 

So, here’s our brief guide if you are still wondering about how to choose an IRS tax relief attorney in Marina Del Rey, CA. 

How to Choose an IRS Tax Relief Attorney in Marina Del Rey, CA?

1: See What They Claim:

Any individual or firm claiming to magically erase your tax liability or to delay it for a long period of time is usually lying. The fact of the matter is that the IRS is usually very strict in tax matters. So, it only allows up to a certain level of relief, and that too if your case qualifies pre-set requirements. Hence, don’t fall for promises that are too difficult to materialize.

2: Do They Have a Track Record?

Since IRS matters are complex, these are not for rookies to handle. So, before you finalize any tax attorney to handle your financial future, it is always worthwhile to do a bit of background check and to see if they have provided similar services in the past as well. 

The best thing would be to get a reference from reliable sources. If it is not possible, at least do a social media or Google check to see reviews about their previous work.

3: Do They Offer a Free Consultation Session?

A reliable tax relief attorney will mostly offer a free consultation session. This session allows you to discuss a range of available options with your potential tax relief lawyer. At the same time, it also offers an opportunity to assess capabilities and professionalism of the same attorney. 

If your attorney refuses to offer a free session, perhaps there is a need to find another one. However, also remember that such sessions could be over phone or video chat as well. 

4: The Fees They Charge?

While it may seem the most obvious point, many people still ignore it. Before you finalize a tax relief attorney, calculate all fees and charges that you are going to pay over the course of your tax relief case. Weigh this financial outflow with the overall tax you are likely to save along with the probability of actually saving your tax. 

It may not be worth the effort and time if, at the end of the day, you are only going to have a net savings of, say, few hundred dollars. But, it may vary from case to case. So, always consider your individual circumstances before making a decision.

5: The Strength of Case:

Gain independent guidance from multiple sources. Hire an attorney only if you have healthy chances of actually winning the case. While you may want to take your chance in desperation, it is usually not worth the effort in many cases. Hence, be realistic and logical in any such decision you are going to make to get a tax relief from the taxman. 

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