IRS Unpaid Tax Forgiveness

Even if you owe Uncle Sam thousands of dollars, you might qualify for a tax forgiveness program. Many times, the worse your financial situation, the more options you have when it comes to tax forgiveness.

Unlike what you might think, the aim of Uncle Sam is not to make life difficult for you or get every dollar from you. The IRS’s agents are simply doing their job since it is your obligation to pay taxes. No matter how much you try, there are times you might not be able to pay your Unpaid Taxes.

This is where you will need our services at USA Tax Settlement. We can stand up for you, and let Uncle Sam know that you do have not the financial capacity to pay the entire tax amount. The IRS Unpaid Tax forgiveness program stands out as the most common method to resolve unpaid Unpaid Taxes.

Part of our responsibility at USA Tax settlement is to shoulder the stress and complications when it comes to dealing with unpaid taxes. We have the skills to analyze your situation to find the best way to help you.

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What is the IRS Unpaid Tax Forgiveness Program

The IRS Unpaid Tax forgiveness program is like an umbrella program for series of programs all targeted at Unpaid Taxes forgiveness. When it comes to Unpaid Tax collection, Uncle Sam could be so aggressive and intimidating that lots of taxpayers assume that they have no option but to pay off the entire Unpaid Taxes.

The good news is that there is not the case and there are several payment plants and tax relief services for all citizens under the Law. Our job at USA Tax settlement is to examine your situation and find the best approach to suit you.

Here is a list of Unpaid Taxes forgiveness programs we can help with:

Unpaid Taxes Negotiation

Here is a list of Unpaid Tax forgiveness programs we can help with:

Who Qualifies for the Unpaid Tax Forgiveness Program from Uncle Sam?

The best way to know if you qualify for a Unpaid Tax forgiveness program is to consult a tax expert. If your financial situation however is bad, you have a high probability of getting Uncle Sam to make a deal with you. Some things the IRS looks at are:

  • A tax balance less that is less than $50,000
  • A maximum income amount of $100,000 for single taxpayers
  • A maximum income of $200,000 for married filing jointly.

While almost everyone that applies for a repayment program will be approved, repayment program might not be the best option. There is an option to negotiate a lesser overall payment through programs like Currently Not Collectible Status or Offer in Compromise.

Can the IRS Every Forgive Unpaid Taxes?

Complete forgiveness of a Unpaid Taxes from Uncle Sam is rare. However, you can avoid cruel penalties by getting accepted into a forgiveness program.

The only case when Unpaid Taxes can be forgiven fully is if one can successfully prove hardship which makes transforms you into the Currently Not Collectible Status.

Do you Qualify for the IRS Unpaid Tax Forgiveness Program?

If you have Unpaid Taxes that you are finding difficult to pay, you can contact us at USA Tax settlement. There is a high probability that you will qualify for any of the programs. We have got teams of professionals that will give you the best advice and help you get a good negotiation with Uncle Sam.

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