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Settling IRS Unpaid Taxes in Simi Valley, CA? Must Read

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses run into tax problems. While some go bankrupt or face legal issues; for others, it is a rather simple issue of being unable to pay Unpaid Taxes on time due to genuine financial constraints. At the same time, we also know that the taxman is not easy to trick. Hence, one must be aware of ground realities and relevant rules and laws, if one has to try his or her luck in minimizing or eliminating tax liability. 

The fact of the matter is that tax avoidance or tax evasion is extremely difficult in the United States; however, one has better chances of winning a reasonable tax settlement deal with the IRS, as long as there is a genuine case to plead in front of the taxman. 

Are you someone who is looking to settle IRS Unpaid Taxes in Simi Valley, California, or other parts of the states? If you are in a similar position, then keep reading the following paragraphs to know more about tax settlement and tax relief.

How to Settle IRS Unpaid Taxes in Simi Valley, California?

Tax settlement is the most common (as well as the most popular) form of tax relief that is available with the IRS. The idea is simple here. If, for certain genuine reasons, you are unable to pay taxes on time, the IRS allows you various options to better manage your tax liability in the near future. 

Usually, these options include paying tax liability in installments or settling for a reduced tax liability. In either case, however, remember that you must pay the modified tax liability within the given time period (usually different from the original time frame). In some cases, your tax liability remains the same, but you may be given some extra time (up to 3 more months) to settle your liability.

Remember that, in order to be eligible for tax settlement with the IRS, you must have a genuine case of financial hardship, and you must be able to prove it with relevant documentation and evidence. Submitting fake documents at this stage can lead you to more difficulties and penalties. Hence, be thoughtful of what you are pleading and submitting while making your case for tax relief. Similarly, you may have financial difficulties at the moment, but it is not always that the IRS agrees with these difficulties and provides you with relief. For example, the taxman can ask you to sell your excessive assets to pay your taxes, if you are short of cash at the moment. 

Pleading a Tax Relief or Settlement Case with the IRS in Simi Valley, California

Pleading a tax relief or settlement case with the IRS in Simi Valley, California, is never easy. Hence, it is also recommended to always hire a professional tax settlement attorney in order to dramatically improve your chances of actually winning the case. 

Look for an attorney who has a past track record of dealing with similar cases, and has a good win percentage as well. Also, if you foresee your inability to pay taxes in the coming year, it is always a good practice to start preparing for tax relief cases as early as possible. It will give you enough time to gather important documents, hire a reliable attorney and to plead your case with enough time. 

Lastly, it is also important to mention here that more often than not, people fail to get tax relief from the IRS. Hence, only go for this option if you are confident enough of actually winning some relief. At the same time, also be prepared with a plan B, in case things don’t go as well as planned.

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