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Tax Exemptions in Yorba Linda, CA – See If You Qualify

For most individuals and businesses, tax calculations are an integral part of overall financial management. Even if you are living paycheck to paycheck, you still need to pay taxes. Same is the case with businesses, even if they are not earning much. In the United States, there are various forms of taxes. These may include income tax, employment taxes, state taxes and local taxes. 

It is virtually impossible to avoid paying taxes. However, some organizations may qualify for tax exemptions in Yorba Linda, CA. But the criteria for claiming such exemption from the IRS is normally very strict. Moreover, you need to be sure about what type of tax exemptions you qualify for. 

Suppose, you qualify for the IRS exemptions, you may still have to pay local and state taxes. Hence, it is pertinent for everyone to be aware of available tax exemptions and its exact implications. 

Tax exemptions is a pretty broad topic, which requires extensive knowledge and expertise. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the fundamental knowledge related to tax exemptions in Yorba Linda, CA. Read to see if you qualify for any of such exemptions.

The general rule of thumb is that non-profit organizations qualify for certain tax exemptions. 

You need to apply to the IRS to qualify for tax exemptions at federal level. Same is the case if you want to claim exemption at the state level as well. 

Check if You Qualify For Tax Exemptions in Yorba Linda, CA 

You may be eligible to apply for tax exemptions, if your organization meets one of the following categorizations:

  1. Organizations established for religious purposes, for example churches.

  2. Organizations working solely for non-profit purposes, such as labor unions, credit unions or hospitals.

  3. Organizations working for scientific research.

  4. Organizations working for promotion or art or history, such as museums.

  5. Common-interest associations looking to promote certain common interests, such as a chamber of commerce.

  6. Human service organizations, such as girl scouts, homeless shelters or food banks.

  7. International organizations for social causes, for example the Red Cross.

  8. An organization consisting of veterans, and having a minimum of 3/4th members consisting of retired or serving military personnel.

  9. Agriculture or horticulture promotional organizations. These may include those related to crop institutes or forestry.

  10. Organizations working for the promotion of education, such as public schools or even parent-teacher associations.

Running one of the above types of organizations does not automatically grant you the tax-exempt status. Instead, you still need to register with the IRS and/ or local tax authorities. 

An important point that such an organization needs to prove is that it is not distributing income to shareholders. Also, it should not directly be involved in political campaigns of any sort.

It is also worth noting here that a sole proprietor cannot be eligible for tax exemption. Instead, you need to register the organization as a separate legal entity. For this purpose, applications are made to the office of the Secretary of state, along with all required documents.

Each different type of non-profit organization needs to apply under its own relevant sections. For example, section 501(c)(3) deals with religious organizations. It is, therefore, recommended to seek professional consultation for a business tax expert. 

A reliable law professional shall guide you through the process. It will also help you to lessen the efforts and time required to get the tax exemptions. If everything goes fine, you may get your exemption status approved within 180 days of the application. However, it may take much longer if there is a problem with your application or paperwork. 


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