Things To Do If You Have Missed a Filing Deadline in Jacksonville, FL

Things To Do If You Have Missed a Filing Deadline in Jacksonville, FL

Tax is not a surprise or a natural calamity that occurs suddenly, and you are not aware of it. Annual last date to pay taxes and file tax returns is fixed and you must plan accordingly to submit both. However, life is tough, and we sometimes go through a hectic routine, where we forget the most important tasks.

From family and friends to work and domestic obligations, we have to take care of everything. Only after missing the filing deadline in Jacksonville, Florida we realized what we have missed. However, things may not get too bleak suddenly if you fail to file returns on time.

Things To Do If You Missed Filing Deadline In Jacksonville, FL

Here are some things you can do if you missed the filing deadline.

  • File as soon as Possible:

Even if you missed a deadline, submit your tax returns just when you remember. The penalties charged for not filing usually increase with time. So you are still saving your money by filing returns sooner. You can find a good tax attorney now that the deadline is over and tax attorneys are free at the moment. They may help you prepare a good tax return that will help you get some refund, which will cover some of the penalties you face for filing late. 

  • Review any possibility to extend the deadline. 

Although the extended deadline to file taxes was final, and IRS has strictly told that they won’t extend the deadline anymore, there are some individual cases where IRS grants further extension for filing returns even after the deadline. You have to satisfy the tax officer that the circumstances you were up against were unavoidable and that you missed the deadline, not due to negligence but those circumstances. Hiring a good tax attorney will also be handy in this particular task. 

  • Check if you are required to File:

Every citizen of the state does not have to file returns. The requirements that determine whether you need to file returns or not change annually, and you must see those requirements every year. If you were not eligible in previous years doesn’t mean you don’t need to File this year.  

  • Plan ahead of time for next year:

They say that one time is a mistake and twice is mischief. Learn from your mistake this year and plan ahead of time for the coming. You already know about all the requirements for filing returns, so plan accordingly to arrange financial details beforehand. 

  • Use Free File Facility of IRS:

Here is one last bit of advice for you. If you are an individual filer and don’t own a big business, then the IRS offers you an easy option to file your taxes, known as Free File. According to the IRS, about two-third of US taxpayers are eligible for free file. 

Free File is basically a free of charge facility which lets you prepare and file returns for free in easy to do steps. Your income should be less than $66000 annually to avail of this facility. 

The Bottom Line

Failing to comply with a deadline is not something we would encourage, but if you failed to file your return in Jacksonville, Florida on time for some reason, these few tips would help you overcome this.


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