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Unpaid Taxes Help- When to Hire a Tax Professional in Tarzana, CA?

Tax season is drawing near. Everyone is naturally thinking about calculating and filing tax returns nowadays. For some individuals, it may be a straightforward task. As for some, tax matters may be simple. Or, they may have enough expertise to handle this gigantic task. For most others, however, tax can be a very scary matter. Typically, tax involves lots of calculations, documentation and following deadlines. Furthermore, one may not have enough time and expertise to do it right. Hence, it is often recommended to hire a tax professional for Unpaid Taxes help. 

But, do you really need to hire a CPA or tax consultant to handle your tax affairs? More importantly, do time and tax savings justify fees of a tax pro? If you are wondering about these questions, then keep reading this article. 

We shall discuss when to hire a tax professional in Tarzana, CA in the upcoming lines.

Unpaid Taxes Help – When to Hire a Tax Professional in Tarzana, CA?

1: You are Your Own Boss

Being your own boss is awesome, but it comes at a certain price. For starters, you don’t have an employer withholding tax on your behalf. Similarly, you may not have a professional accountant, expert in tax matters, to manage your affairs with the IRS

Furthermore, as a self-employed individual, you may not have enough time to spare for calculating taxes, gathering documents, and dealing with the taxman. Hence, you may need to hire a tax professional in such a situation.

2: You Own Multiple Income Sources

Dealing tax with a single source of income is relatively straightforward. However, things generally get complicated with multiple sources of income. It is especially true if you have foreign bank accounts, investments across industries and rental properties. It is because of the fact that such sources often trigger additional filing requirements. 

On one hand, such situations involve complicated tax matters. On the other hand, non-compliance results in stricter penalties as well. Hence, if you own multiple income sources, it is the time to hire a tax professional for your better financial health.

3: Love-Hate Relationship with the Taxman

Did you have had troubles dealing with the IRS previously? Perhaps, you made mistakes in the prior returns. Regardless of who found the error/ mistakes, you or the IRS, you need to make amends. Again, it would require additional filing and dealing with more complex tax rules. 

Hence, you must not risk further soaring relationships with the taxman by continuing filing on your own.

4: Potential Savings are to be Made

If you think your tax situations can provide you with reasonable savings, you need an expert on your back to make sure you achieve this goal. While tax matters are difficult (cannot reiterate enough), there are certain loopholes within rules. 

A pro tax consultant will (hopefully) be able to navigate his way through, and help you materialize these savings. 

5: A Major Life Event in Near

Are you expecting something big in your life anytime soon, such as getting married or moving to a new place? If this is the case, then the thing you need on your mind is to worry about the IRS knocking on your door for tax problems. 

It would be the ideal time to hire a tax professional. Let a professional do your work, while you spend time on more important tasks.

Overall, you need to weigh the cost of hiring a tax professional against savings or peace of mind. In most cases, the latter outweigh the former. However, individual situations do vary. So, it is recommended to always do a thorough analysis before making any such decision.

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