What Do The Best Tax Defense Companies Offer In Manhattan Beach CA

What Do The Best Tax Defense Companies Offer in Manhattan Beach, CA?

So the IRS didn’t agree with your income tax returns and slapped you with a gigantic tax. What do you do in such a situation? Obviously, no one likes to give away their hard-earned money, even if it is for the right cause, such as contributing towards the country’s revenue. But what option do you really have to defend your position in such a situation, as you cannot simply go to the IRS and ask them to reduce your tax liability. A lot of technicalities and regulations are involved for a layman to do so. Hence, your best bet in this scenario is to hire a reliable tax defense company. 

If you noticed, we used the word ‘reliable’ in the previous line. The fact of the matter is that there is no shortage of tax defense companies in Manhattan Beach, CA (and other parts of the country as well). 

However, more often than not, these companies or firms are not fully reliable, as they lack the essential tax expertise, experience and professionalism to successfully defend a case against the mighty IRS. Hence, one needs to be very careful when choosing tax defense companies. One way of doing so is to understand what the best tax defense companies offer in Manhattan Beach, CA. Let’s briefly discuss this crucial aspect.

What Do The Best Tax Defense Companies Offer in Manhattan Beach, CA? 

1: Services Offered

A reliable tax defense company shall offer a complete set of relevant services, as opposed to vague claims of defending your taxes. Some of the typical services offered by tax defense firms may include the following:

  1. Tax audit assistance
  2. Unpaid Taxes settlement
  3. Tax negotiation
  4. Unpaid Taxes forgiveness
  5. Tax relief
  6. IRS fresh start program consultancy 

2: Free Consultation 

Free consultation sessions with clients is perhaps the most important offered service in the initial phase. This consultation allows both parties (firm and client) to understand each other’s expectations and background in order to make more informed decisions. 

Never trust a company that asks for an advance straightaway without offering a free consultation session. However, this session doesn’t necessarily have to be face-to-face. 

Consultation/ discussion over telephone or even mail is fine, as long as you are getting the opportunity to be heard and get replied satisfactorily. 

3: Negotiation with IRS

An important reason to engage a tax defense company is to get them to negotiate with the IRS on your behalf. It is crucial since most people lack necessary knowledge, background and expertise in tax matters. 

A company that claims to offer completion of documentation and providing advice, but does not take responsibility to negotiate with the taxman on your behalf is of little use. Hence, it is recommended to include a negotiation clause in the contract that you sign with your tax defense firm in order to avoid later complications.

4: Relevant Expertise

Taxation is a very complicated matter. Even most CPAs and prestigious degree holders are not well-versed in all aspects of taxation. 

On the other hand, your tax problems may be very specific in nature, such as related to any new tax law. Make sure that your chosen firm has the relevant expertise and the necessary experience in this regard. 

Otherwise a generalized tax consultancy may not be very helpful in your case, and you may end up losing more money in terms of fees paid to tax defense attorneys.

5: Availability

What good is a tax expert if it takes weeks for you to meet them? Last but not the least, it is important that your case worker (the tax expert working on your case) is available to you in a reasonable time period. 

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