What is Equifax Tax Lien Settlement in Milwaukee WI

What is Equifax Tax Lien Settlement in Milwaukee, WI?

Transparency is the cornerstone of our tax and credit system. Millions of Americans pay taxes every year and submit their tax returns. Although tax returns filed by taxpayers are confidential documents and should not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the taxpayer or without a court order, there are some tax-related documents or information like tax liens that are part of the public record. Learn more about Equifax tax lien settlement in Milwaukee, WI.

What Is Tax Lien? 

A tax lien is an IRS’s claim on taxpayer’s property against the Unpaid Taxes they owe to the IRS. Unfortunately for taxpayers, those tax liens are public records and reported by credit bureaus. Every US citizen’s tax credit score is based on and calculated by these records. However, taxpayers with old tax liens have good news here. 

A group of taxpayers (or a class of taxpayers in legal terminology) filed a case with Equifax, a credit reporting agency, claiming that the bureau gave incorrect information on consumer credit reports about tax liens. Equifax settled the case with plaintiffs to end the class suit and offer every member of the class $1,500. 

How To Know If You Are Eligible For Equifax Tax Lien Settlement in Milwaukee, WI?

Before starting to think about where to spend $1,500, you need to make sure that whether you are eligible for it or not. You are forgiven for dreaming that you are one of the affected as the total number stands at 147 million Americans. However, finding this out for sure is not much difficult. All you have to do is enter the last six digits of your Social Security number and your last name on a website administered by a third party settlement administrator. If the result of the query shows that you are among those affected by data theft, you are eligible to file a claim.

What Really Happened?

You are probably wondering what really happened at Equifax and how? According to complaints lodged by plaintiffs, Equifax reported inaccurate tax-related public records. The information reported wrongly included;

  • Consumers’ tax liabilities 

  • Tax-related Judgments  

  • Tax liens 

  • Information about other collection matters.

The complainants maintained that Equifax failed to report correct data about tax liens. Out of thousands of tax liens reported as unpaid by the bureau, many were actually paid, even more were partially paid, and some tax liens expired. Equifax said even the self-released tax liens. Our verdict is that Equifax failed to update its data before sharing it.  

How To Claim Your Settlement Money From Equifax?

Claiming and receiving the $1,500 amount is also relatively easy as compared to other claiming procedures. Taxpayers can claim compensation on Equifax settlement website link. Make sure that you support your claim by providing supporting documents. If you prefer the old school method of sending the claim by post from Milwaukee, WI, all you have to do is take a print of the settlement claim form, and send it along with supporting documents at the following address.

Equifax Data Breach Settlement Administrator

c/o JND Legal Administration

P.O. Box 91318

Seattle, WA 98111-9418

Reporting wrong or faulty information related to tax can impact taxpayers’ finances. Getting a good deal for credit or even getting credit at all becomes much more difficult with a bad credit score.

Equifax knows this, and to compensate for their mistake they are giving $1,500 to all the affected. If you are one of them and not a member of class action, claim your share now as you won’t automatically get it. Get help from the USA Tax Settlement today! 

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