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When Should You Call a Tax Relief Lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA?

Tax matters are complex. The situation becomes more overwhelming when you are facing troubles in settling your tax liability. A range of tax relief options exist in the United States. For individuals with minimal tax liability, the matter may be solved easily. However, getting tax relief on big amounts is usually difficult. The IRS won’t let you get away with tax dollars easily. So, you may need professional help to get relief on your outstanding tax liability. 

Remember that, not all but most cases may require hiring a tax relief lawyer for desired results. Let’s discuss when you should call a tax relief lawyer in Costa Mesa, CA

When You Should Call A Tax Relief Lawyer In Costa Mesa, CA?

1: Stakes are High

The general rule of thumb is to weigh tax benefits against expected fees. There is no point in hiring a fancy tax relief lawyer if, say, the outstanding amount is $5,000. However, if, say, $50,000 is your outstanding liability, you may consider this option. 

The fact of the matter is that paying a reasonable consultation fee may help you in reducing tax liability substantially. But it is you who need to weigh these costs and benefits, and make a decision. 

Don’t fall for fancy advertisements, rather rely on your calculations.

2: You Have Been Summoned

Perhaps you filed a relief application, and now the IRS has called you to present your case. Facing the IRS in their own yard could be a nightmare for almost everyone. It is always helpful to have professional help in such situations. 

Hence, this would be the ideal scenario when it comes to calling a tax relief lawyer. A professional lawyer would present your case in a much better manner than a layman like you.

3: Confused Between Various Options

As mentioned earlier, a range of tax relief options are available. For example, you may want to go for an Offer-in-Compromise or an installments plan. Each option is not for everyone. Instead, it is your specific circumstances that would dictate the most suitable option for you. 

Settling $10,000 for, say, $6,000 may seem attractive, but should you apply for it? 

Only a professional lawyer may guide you after thoroughly going through your case file. In reality, you may have better chances of getting an installment plan. 

4: Preparing Documentation

In many cases, the IRS may ask for additional documentation in support of your tax relief application. You need to make sure that your paperwork is airtight in such situations. Again, it may be a difficult task for a layman. 

You should consider calling a tax relief attorney to help you in your paperwork. At times, you may also be required to file previous returns and/or to amend certain errors. 

5: Tax Penalty Relief

At times you may get tax relief on outstanding liabilities, but still need to pay penalties. These penalties may be in the form of accrued interest or due to non-filing of previous returns. 

In either case, you may be able to get these penalties waived off with better professional help. Again, it all comes down to the amount at stake. 

You may simply want to pay off the $500 penalty instead of going through the hassle of finding a lawyer. But, if the amount is fairly big, you must consider calling a tax relief lawyer. 

Overall, it can be seen that a lot is dependent upon your own judgment. Obviously, there are not any fixed rules related to when you should hire a relief lawyer. If you think it adds value to your case and/ or saves your time, you must hire a relief attorney.

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